Finding help at eZs3 – start with a search



At eZs3 we have been asked just about every question about Amazon S3, CloudFront, MP4, iPad, HTML5, Playlists, Security…

So we have three main areas where you can find help

1 – See other users’ issues

It’s quite likely that someone else at some point has had the same problem as you – whether it’s an uploading, playback or feature issue

You can view these in the support forum – accessible only to active eZs3 members

Each time we save the thread, so that future members can find help on common issues

To see if your issue has come up before, please start with a search of old threads, by clicking on Search Messages

Here you can search for your keyword in any part of the post and sort by date, author or headline

2 – Find and follow a guide

For recurring issues, we also create tutorials and guides to show you how to work through the problem – these guides also cover in-depth explanations on topics such as Amazon CloudFront, encoding to MP4 and eZs3 features

You can search for a help guide on your issue by clicking ‘search’ in the header and then doing a search for your topic

3 – Help areas

For each main player type we have created a special file type help center – where you can find all the relevant guides- there is one for MP4, MP3 and Camtasia Studio

These can be found in the main homepage – each file type has a Help link

Click on Support Forum at the top of the page to get help on your eZs3 issue

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