The Hot Link Protector – stop video pirates from stealing your bandwidth!


Want to stop hot linking to your videos? Worried video pirates are stealing your bandwidth?

The Hot Link Protector allows you to set your video file to private, so that thieves can’t hotlink to it, and share it with their accomplices – whilst you pay for the bandwidth

Then, it creates an expiring link – which you can share with your legitimate customers – so they can watch your videos securely

*Bonus feature*

Set an expiry date and time and/or a start date and time

Want to set up your video to play in a couple of days when you do your launch? But need to get the site ready now?

Well create your player and embed it on your webpage – but show only a custom message until you are ready to rock and roll

Offering an expiring coupon or limited offer?

Set an end time for your player and once that’s reached, you can show a custom message to your disappointed followers (a commiseration, or a link to another offer perhaps? – it’s up to you!)

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