The Frameless Player – step across the screen and into view!


Two weeks ago we launched the Frameless Player, but some of you might not know about it (if you missed the email and the pop-up message!)

The Frameless player has two possibilities – whether you decide to use MP4 or FLV

FLV – truly Frameless!

With FLV you can use green screen and then create a transparent background – and then you can magically walk out onto your webpage!

What’s more, the video cannot be paused by clicking on it!

You can convert your videos to FLV using the converter in the eZs3 Desktop File Manager

Don’t believe me – see it in action here

MP4 – Floating player

MP4 doesn’t yet support transparent backgrounds, however, you can ‘float’ your player across the page – over the top of any other content

But wait, its better – your video will move as your user scrolls up and down, left and right, so that you never disappear below the fold

This means that you can be front and center on your webpage

Learn more about the Frameless Player feature here

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