How to avoid the top three torments at eZs3


Why is this post about torments? Well, you have made your video, it works great on your PC – but then once you have uploaded it, gone through the process of making a player and get to see your video, it doesn’t work!

You are calm at first, and try again perhaps – but still no luck. Maybe you upload another video, create a new player – yet it won’t work. You have spent ages just to get a video on your website, only to fall at the last hurdle. Now you are pulling your hair out, tormented by technology!

Well, never fear – solutions are here, techie tips to the rescue!

Torment #1 – Metadata

  • Symptoms
  • Video loading wheel spins
  • Blank / black screen
  • After waiting ages, your video starts to play
  •  Source

Your metadata moov atom (the instruction that tells the video to start playing) is at the back of your video file, so the whole file has to download to a viewer’s PC before play back begins

  •  Solution

Re-encode your video (we recommend Handbrake, it’s free), making sure you select ‘web-optimized’ to push the moov atom to the front of the video file.

Alternatively, enable streaming on your videos, as this bypasses the need for the moov atom (remember you won’t stream to iPad/iPhone so iWare users will have to wait for the whole video to download still.)

Torment #2 – File names / Folder names

  • Symptoms
  • Players don’t start
  • You get an error message where the video should show
  • oops we have detected that either your subfolder or your file name contains spaces or invalid characters message
  •  Source

You have used invalid characters in your file name or folder name – Amazon S3 uses specific naming rules so that it can ‘read’ the location of your files; browsers and playback devices also require names that their software can read.

  •  Solution

Avoid this altogether by using the eZs3 Desktop File Manager – it doesn’t allow you to upload, create or re-name files and folders with invalid characters or names.

Re-name uploaded files/sub-folders using the eZs3 Desktop File Manager then create a new player.

Torment #3 – Codecs

  • Symptoms
  • No video stream / Video is just black
  • No audio stream / No sound
  • Video plays but is pixellated or fuzzes
  •  Source

You have used an unsupported codec, which may work on your PC/Mac but is not used on the web. Most likely this is MPEG-4 Visual, which is not MPEG-4 (we know, its confusing!)

  •  Solution

Check your codecs with MediaInfo (again, it’s free). Your codecs should be in this list – supported codecs – if not you will need to re-encode. Follow this eZs3 guide.

If your (ezs3) torment is not on this list – please log in and use the support forum!

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