Apple drop YouTube app from out-of-the-box default… more adverts to follow?


This autumn will see the release of iOS6 for the iPhone and iPad and a reduction in pre-loaded Google apps

As well as dropping Google Maps, Apple will also not be including YouTube in the list of apps that are available from your first handset switch on

This is due to an expired license for Google’s YouTube on the iPhone software

However, customers will be able to download a new app from the Apple App Store – currently being developed by Google – believed to be a possibility for improved customer interaction and experience as the old pre-packaged app hasn’t been updated for some time

The existing version has been crafted by Apple’s own programmers and doesn’t allow any ads – so it will be interesting to see if the new App Store version allows ads to be included – pre-roll and overlay types

YouTube will remain accessible through the device’s native browser, Safari, where ads do show


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