Tip #7 – Original always produces the best results


Tip #7 – Ten Top Tips for Lightweight Web-Ready and Smooth Playback Video

Welcome to our series of ten top tips for web-ready video

Top Tip Number #7 – Use your original footage whenever rendering your video into a final format

When you first render your video – you will definitely be using your original footage, straight from your video editing software

But when it comes to making a player on the internet, and previewing your video, you may realize you have some issues

These could include:-

  • metadata in the wrong place (your file takes forever to load)
  • wrong codecs – such as MPEG4-Visual (no picture or audio)
  • file size too large (buffering)
  • blurring or pixellation
  • audio and video out of sync
  • black edges or missing edges if you encode at wrong dimensions

These issues need fixing by re-encoding or re-rendering your video

To get the best results, we always recommend that you use your original footage

This will reduce the chance of causing blurring, pixellation, missing parts, getting out of sync and loss of metadata

If you need to re-render your original footage, we like a program called HandBrake

Firstly – it’s free – so if you don’t like it, there’s no cost – and secondly what we really like are the iWare presets

You can choose a preset, select web-optimized, and the program will spit out your rendered MP4 video ready to go for the iPhone, iPad or general computers (you also don’t have to use the presets and can instead choose your own specific settings)

This process can be time consuming – but going back to your original footage will stop more issues being caused in the long run

Our next three tips will include more recommendations when you are encoding your video to ensure it is web ready and internet optimized

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