Tip #5 – No need to stand in a spotlight to shine, flat lighting is better!


Tip #5 – Ten Top Tips for Lightweight Web-Ready and Smooth Playback Video

Welcome to our series of ten top tips for web-ready video

Top Tip Number #5 – Use flat lighting in a simple location

The last four tips (#1, #2, #3, #4) have all covered how to reduce your final bitrate (and so speed up latency i.e. faster playback) during the filming process of your video

Well, this tip is no different – we have covered the best ways to shoot with your camera – what shots to avoid, how to minimize movement – and what to wear

But all of this will be for nothing if your set or location has bad lighting

Variation of light across your frame should be avoided – if you are inside, use large, multi-source lighting that gives an even wash of light – avoid single source lights that are above or to one side, such as desk lamps

If you are outside, try to find a spot that is lightly shaded to eliminate harsh glare – and don’t stand with your back to the sun – you will become a silhouette!

Whether inside or outside, you should also try to pick a location that is as simple as possible, the less colours/patterns your encoder has to take into account, the smaller your end bit-rate

If you are inside, five things to check for before you start filming:-

  • patterned wallpaper
  • cluttered desks
  • ceiling fans
  • posters or paintings behind you
  • co-workers/family/pets getting into frame!

When you are outside, try to avoid getting any of these into shot:-

  • busy traffic
  • passing pedestrians
  • rotating doors
  • swaying trees/plants
  • changing billboards

That concludes the five tips on reducing bit rate whilst capturing your content, the next tips will cover editing and encoding your video for the web

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